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Total Immersion Swim Coaching in Sunshine Coast

Whether you have have not been in the water since an accident as a child, taking up swimming later in life for triathlons or simply a great swimmer looking to clean up their stroke and shave some seconds off your PB, we love teaching you all!

The individual or group coaching we deliver are designed and proven to improve your swimming fast! The complexity of the swim stroke is broken down for you, giving a clear scientific explanation as to how the stroke fits together and why it is so difficult for humans to swim. You will then, with the simple tools we teach you, relearn the essential movement patterns necessary for a smooth, effortless stroke and the key to free speed.

You can book a lesson or preferably a course of lessons in the pool or in open water and we even have regular workshop days in Queensland, NSW and other states.


Adults and club swimmers that have been burdened with injuries to shoulders,neck and lower back will find the stroke addresses this and you will learn how to align your spine to take the pressure of the joints and muscles. When you swim in align,net and the joints are used the way they are designed to your pain will reduce and your kinetic energy will improve and you will start swimming forward and fast!

Speed and TI

As water effectively fights back at us when we swim, becoming thicker with every splash or force we throw at it, we must reduce our drag profile and become as sleek and quiet as a fish! Paying attention to the details will help us achieve this and help us to swim faster through the water, leaving it undisturbed behind us. 


Once we have worked on balancing and shaping ourselves in the water we can then improve your whole body swimming by working with you to design sets that will improve your coordination and rhythm in the water. In time you will learn to 'dance' at  speed with rhythm and grace....

Continue to master the expert skills of swimming, with our help, making your stroke more balance, streamlined, still, symmetrical and fast for ever more!

                                                            WE TEACH EVERYONE! 

                                      And we LOVE teaching you all! Age No Barrier! 


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